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GraphicMail is a hosted digital marketing solution offering integrated content composition, delivery and tracking tools for email, mobile and social media marketing channels.

They are represented in 26+ countries, in 12 different languages.

Why Drupal was chosen

GraphicMail used an in-house CMS/ translation system for years and started to feel its limitations, especially regarding speed, SEO and localisation of unique content.

Media Machine used Drupal because of our familiarity with the development platform, but also for its flexible architecture and its active development community.

Project goals and requirements

  1. Create brand awareness for GraphicMail by presenting the brand consistently across all Country Partner websites.
  2. Generate more traffic, leads and sign-ups by following SEO best practices and advertising the uniqueness of our products and services to potential clients and partners.
  3. Provide a repository of useful resources and materials on email and mobile marketing.
  4. A skills transfer to assist with building inhouse Drupal capabilities.


Development of a multi-language and multi-domain platform running on a single database and codebase. The platform provides tools for each of the 26 country partners to localize, translate and manage their instances independently while maintaining some level of brand consistency.


Media Machine also provided advanced Drupal training for the in the house developers, thus enabling the client to manage their own website.

Training is always a key focus when it comes to delivering a product. It is essential that the client can perform their tasks effortlessly.

Why we used these

We leveraged the Internationalization and Entity Translation modules to provide the multi language, localization functionality. Language Fallback and permissions gave us the tools for the translation of default content for site editors - this all allowed the client to instantly “spin up” a new version for a new country partner.

Domain Access was used to assign and manage all the domain settings and assign site specific content.

Each localized partner wanted the ability to change the layout and content of their website, Panelizer helped us achieve that.

The websites all needed to be mobile friendly so the natural choice for us was to use Bootstrap.

And of course custom site specific code was required.

“The team of Media Machine in Cape Town developed a Drupal website for us in 2013 -2014.The Media Machine team is always willing to assist, is friendly, enthusiastic and professional. Their willingness to go the extra mile is always appreciated.

It is a pleasure working with Media Machine and I have no hesitation recommending them to any organisation seeking their support.”

- Nicholas Eckert - President Graphicmail


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